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                                           WEEKLY SPECIALS 

         If you don't see it here ask, we may be able to accommodate!

                                          SANGRIA AVAILABLE


Pumpkin and butternut squash


Wild greens mixed with homemade vinaigrette and all the fixings


PASTICCIO- Traditional Italian pasta baked with roasted and ground lamb, vegetables and topped with cheese

PESCATORE - Mussels, cod, salmon, prawns and calamari in a light aurora sauce

CHAKCHOUKA, KABYLE- Legumes and fresh vegetables, simmered in a tomato broth with fresh herbs, topped with egg (optional)  

PAELLA- Canary Island style, saffron rice and a variety of seafood


Tiramisu - Cannoli - Pear - Spumoni- Gelato

P.S. Gluten-free Gnocchi  available                   

Let Zouave host your next gathering! Private party reservations are available for birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration!

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