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                                           WEEKLY SPECIALS 

         If you don't see it here ask, we may be able to accommodate!

                                            SANGRIA AVAILABLE


MELANZANE- Roasted eggplant and goat cheese topped with    pine nuts

CAPRESE- Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil drizzled with olive oil


Lobster Bisque


OSSO BUCO- Lamb shank roasted to perfection, served with gnocchi and vegetables

AMAZIGH CHICKEN- Boneless chicken breast simmered in roasted pepper and tomato sauce with vegetables and a hint of curry served with couscous  

LAMB PASTICCIO- Roasted and ground lamb baked with pasta and cheese

ANITRA Risotto- Mushroom risotto with roasted duck breast (vegetarian available)

BOUILLABAISSE- Southern French classic seafood stew enhanced with saffron and fresh herbs

RAVIOLI LOBSTER – Ravioli filled with lobster meat served with prawns in a Saffron enhanced marinara sauce


Tiramisu - Cannoli - Pear - Spumoni- Gelato

P.S. Gluten-free Gnocchi  available                   

Let Zouave host your next gathering! Private party reservations are available for birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration!

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